Chris Adlam

Location: Cape Town
Performer Type: Speaker,  Facilitator
Languages: English
Sector Focus:, Business
Speaking Topics: Business,
Rates: Contact for price
Available to travel: Yes


Chris Adlam is an experienced NLP Master Practitioner, NLP training facilitator, Sales coach, stop smoking expert, life coach and Hypnotherapist.
Chris is past Division Director of Toastmaster’s in the Western Cape.
Chris is passionate about personal growth and the pursuit of excellence through the practice of NLP. Chris Adlam is “the authority on NLP persuasion and Influence” and his SMOKE FREE programme is one of the most successful stop smoking programmes.
He travels all over Southern Africa transforming lives,empowering business to lead, sell and stop smoking with NLP.

Lead like a profit and Sell like Sex with NLP; Chris Adlam shares with you some Persuasion and selling techniques from NLP. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) encompasses the three most influential components involved in producing human experience: neurology, language and programming. Chris Adam’s talk  Lead like a profit and Sell like Sex with NLP  is designed to educate participants in the significant patterns of influential language and behaviour. Most business problems are really people problems and most people problems are communication problems. Lead like a profit and Sell like Sex with NLP allows the audience to apply the techniques with immediate effectiveness in leadership, management, sales and communication skills.

 SMOKE-FREE; Chris Adlam is South Africa number one smoking expert! His Smoke-Free Talk empowers the smoker to change their thinking and behaviour towards smoking.  There are no scare tactics or lectures on why they shouldn’t smoke, but rather systematic and strategic reframing utilising Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques. 80%-90% of smokers stop smoking after attending a Smoke-Free session. This is an introduction to Talk about smoking.

The audience will leave with new persuasion knowledge that they can apply immediately in the work place.