Location: Cape Town
Performer Type: Speaker / Keynote
Sector Focus:Entrepreneurship / Business
Speaking Topics:Selling , Marketing
Rates: R2000 – R5000
Available to travel: Yes


I am blessed with the Creative Curse. That simply means I see the change potential in just about everything. As Creative Director for numerous International Advertising Agencies, my background has led me down a path of thinking differently. This aptitude I apply to my work, to the people I deal with and help, to my family life and to my personal life.
I have always had a fascination for the miracles and anomalies that surround human behaviour. We are all profoundly influenced by our perceptions of life and it constantly amazes me how much we can control it to our benefit, or how it can control us to our detriment.
It is through my experiences in this area that I have discovered refreshing key behaviours of successful people revealing four very distinct patterns that help us to better understand the road to success.

FOUR REASONS WE DON’T SUCCEED – Success is not a formula, it is an attitude. If it were a formula we would all be successful. It is human behaviour that lets us down in four key areas. Warning: you may not like what you hear.
WILL THE REAL MARKETING PLEASE STAND UP – The modern SMME business generation are completely confused as to what ‘Marketing’ actually is. This talk clarifies the marketing process for small and medium-size business owners so that their Marketing can be hugely more successful
YOUR PERCEPTION IS MY REALITY – Our lives are massively governed by our perception of everything. Two perceptions of the same thing can be completely different. How does this impact on creating an effective successful business?

My talks are central to one of my life’s missions i.e. to help the average business person, particularly in the small to medium size business arena, understand two things i.e. how important their role is in the local economy and to highlight key tools and realities that will enrich both themselves and their businesses.