Location:Cape Town
Performer Type:Speaker / Keynote
Sector Focus:Motivation / Team
Speaking Topics:Relationships
Rates:Contact for details
Available to travel: Yes


Johanita is a seasoned Programme Manager and Speaker specialising in motivational, inspirational, and actionable topics.
As a businesswoman, entrepreneur, consultant, and Internationally qualified Entrepreneurial Mentor she enjoys getting people onboard and involved in bringing thoughts and plans into action.
With a heart for empowering people and bringing HOPE into action, she will get through to your audience, every single one of them will make a connection with her topics, with her heart and with her empowering way of creating a vision for an attainable future – irrespective of the past, the current circumstance and despite the surrounding environment and or resources.
Johanita is the Programme Leader: Skills and Employment for an NPO specialising in bringing ICT Skills into the Educational Environment, making learning possible for anyone.
She is also the founder of ValuNETT Global – empowering individuals and businesses to take their skill, product, or team to Global Platforms through marketing support, facilitation, Programme management, and or Strategic Operational Consulting.ip, and financial freedom.

1. The New Normal in an Online Educational World – how to connect intimately with a variety of audiences whilst presenting online
2. It is not the seeds in the apple but the apples in the seed that count – how to multiply with the minimum resources – it is all based on your intent
3. How to cultivate Hope when your current situation spells Loss – innovative steps to create the necessary action that will improve your life, business, and relationships
4. Building Relational Capital that pays off – what are the key aspects to create ROI on Relationships
5. Hitting your Bullseye – using the HIT (Honesty, Integrity, Trust) Policy to create Success

Audiences will gain a new perspective of HOPE for the future, irrespective of their past or current realities. Johanita makes a connection with each of her audience members and enables individuals to take responsibility for the actions they need to take in order to implement change.