Location: Cape Town
Performer Type: Speaker / Keynote
Languages:English, Afrikaans
Sector Focus:Entrepreneurship / Business, Finance / Economy, Leadership, Motivation / Team, Wellness / Health
Speaking Topics:Entrepreneurship, Finance, money, investment, insurance, Personal Motivation, Psychology, mental health, confidence
Rates: R5000 – R7500
Available to travel: Yes


Clinical Psychologist, consultant, trainer, facilitator, author, executive coach and mentor – We are here to offer you a competitive advantage by giving you some much-needed “Leverage” and in the process, you will also experience personal or business “Growth”.
Highlights of CV
• Registered with SA Health Professional Council as a Clinical Psychologist
• SMDP Stellenbosch Business School
• 25 years corporate experience
• Full-time Private Practice for 27 years
• Corporate Psychologist ( Senior Management Consultant) for Sanlam 10 years
• Keynote speaker at International Conference in Anaheim USA
• Currently practising in Cape Town- The Cliffs, Unit 610, Tyger Falls, Bellville, 7536
• Member of Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Managing Change and Diversity: “Who moved my Cheese?”. 2Hrs
This is an amusing allegory about 4 characters living in a maze who look for cheese to nourish them and make them happy. The central messages are:
If I don’t adapt I will die; adapt to change quickly; be ready to change again and again; get comfortable with change because it will be a constant in my work environment.

Celebrating What’s Right with the world De Witt Jones for National Geographic
Vision is so simple yet inspiring. “If you believe it you will see it”. Vision controls our perception and our perception becomes our reality. When the vision is clear then passion and creativity is there as well. Do you have a vision? How open does your vision allow you and or your team to be? When we celebrate what’s right with the world we find the energy to fix what’s wrong with the world.

Unzipping True Potential –Everyday Creativity by DeWitt Jones
This session strives to show that creativity is not a magical, mysterious occurrence. Neither is it solely the realm of artists and authors. Creativity is an attitude. Much of what we call “creative thinking” really results from taking a fresh look — one that is deeper and more determined — at the mundane experiences of everyday life. Quite simply, creativity is looking at the ordinary and seeing the… extraordinary.
We look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary; we ignite our passion. It is passion that gives us the energy we need to creatively tackle the challenges before us. When we couple passion with solid techniques and craftsmanship, we can make our vision come to life. This is true whether we’re trying to develop a curriculum plan, to find a better way to schedule part-time workers

“How to Keep your Customers for Life?” 2hrs
This session deals with 4 issues. Exploring Information, Reaching an Agreement, Delivering the Product, Assuring the Client and getting repeat business which in turn leads to new business. The need to network effectively and to meet the client’s needs are vital for success. One needs to distinguish between internal and external customers. I will touch on the effect of stress on our selling ability and core values.

During this session delegates will be given training in improving their networking skills and simple techniques which can enhance their performance at work and daily lives. They will also be shown how to streamline their networking process and thereby expand their networks.
Business people and professionals prefer to do business with people they know and trust. Effective networking helps us to build positive relationships and trust.

Emotional Intelligence:
Every employee and or employer needs to attend this workshop
• Emotio nal intelligence is the inner capacities that let us create optimal relationships with ourselves and others.
• The skills include using thoughts, feelings, and actions to build self-knowledge, self-management, and self-direction.
• What can be done to enhance your EQ?
4 Skills Defined Bradberry & Greaves
Self Awareness Can I accurately identify my emotions as they happen?
Self Management Can I manage my emotions and behavior to a positive outcome?
Social Awareness Can I accurately identify emotions and tendencies as I interact with you or a group?
Relationship Management Can I manage the interactions I have with others to a positive outcome?

Executive & Personal Resilience
The purpose of being in business is to stay in business, satisfy your stakeholders and clients and to make a difference in / to people’s lives. Do you ever consider yourself to be a client and that you have to ensure that you remain fit and strong so that you can stay in business and make a difference to your own family and your client’s lives?
In this session we look at doing small things consistently and touch on 5 basic survival strategies to stay in balance. We discuss and workshop 5M’s ( Mind , Metabolism, Memories, Meaning in Life and Money) that you have to keep in place. What are you doing to protect your star performers from losing passion for their work?

Retirement or ‘Retyrement’
Preparing and adjusting for Retirement” for your client. The sessions are to be regarded as interactive, fun sessions rather than me just doing a presentation and the delegates listening. Brainstorming, goal setting, creative problem solving and getting to know themselves is a positive spin off from these sessions.
The most effective process, in my experience, is to have an initial session with the delegates and to determine their individual and collective needs and fears and then to have a series of short sessions followed up with “homework” assignments to deal with newly gained insights and attitude changes. Experts in a variety of fields can be asked to join us to address specific needs.

The ABC of Stress (Stress Management) 2Hrs
In the past the term “stress” has been used to refer only to negative pressures. Today we need to realise that stress is a natural part of living and growing. Stress is a natural and essential part of living and growing. The answer to coping with these pressures lies in understanding what stress is, taking personal control and applying stress management techniques. It is vital that each person realises that he has a choice to make when dealing with stress- deal with it or it will deal with you.

The Slight Edge- Jeff Olsen
The Slight Edge is also about making decisions – the small ones. They are easy to do, but also very easy not to do. However, those small decisions will eventually become life-changers. Do you decide to wake up earlier each morning and do some report writing, blog posting or article marketing or do you just decide to stay in bed. It is a small decision to make, but decisions like that can have huge impacts later in your life.
During this session we will be working through concepts like:
The Secret of Easy Things Why it is easy to do something but at the same easy not to do something and how this affects to your life. Also, why you won’t necessarily see the results right away, even by making the right choices
The Secret of Time It takes time for us to achieve anything when living with the Slight Edge way. You have to have faith in order to see the results eventually. And whether the actions you take or the decisions you make are positive or negative, the end result will become visible someday.
The Secret of Penny. Why it is important to start something and even by start out small. You have to start somewhere to eventually realize the results. The penny is the start.
The Quantum Leap Myth. Why the “big leaps” and overnight successes are not actually what they seem. Rather, why you shouldn’t confuse yourself with Quantum Leaps, since they are actually Slight Edge in action.
Mastering the Slight Edge. The baby steps you need to take to reach your goals. Also, the uncomfortable feelings you may get, when going after your dreams

People from all walks of life- age, education and career. Everyone needs to balance their lives and have to learn or be shown how to do so.