Performer Type:Speaker / Keynote
Sector Focus:Education, Entrepreneurship / Business, Leadership, Motivation / Team
Speaking Topics:Education, Entrepreneurship, Personal Motivation, Psychology, mental health, confidence, Relationships, Teenagers, Youth, Children
Rates:R2000 – R5000
Available to travel: Yes


I am a Life Coach, Coach Time Line Therapist, Inspirational Speaker, and Author of three published books. My background is in Education, having occupied a high rung position as principal and Circuit Manager of schools. I am a Dep. Chairperson of the local chamber and other structures.
I have been interviewed on Tv and Safm twice by Ms. Shadoo Twala on one of my books. I do motivations and talks on local radios. I write articles for a local newspaper and for Jt Communication.

1. Our Authority challenges as humans.
In the four kingdoms, the human is the weakest link. All other kingdoms can continue without the human but the human cannot until he realises his purpose for creation. If not he will annihilate the earth with him in it and we shall have no world in which to do business.

2. Planting yourself as a seed in all relationships for growth and joy.
Relationships are a canvas against which you paint who you are to grow and experience joy. In every relationship make sure you are good seed and plant yourself in good soil.

3. The Next 25 years.
Planting yourself for growth with a vision of 25 years for the best life with the intention to leave a legacy. Living your life from the end for good planning.

4. Pareto Principle.
How to input 20% in your relationships with all form to get 80% output.

1. People will be reminded how to think and go beyond thinking to be in touch with their creative side and be able to think out of the box to solve problems unique to them.
2. The importance of working cooperatively for the good of all.
3. Good life planning that leaves a legacy for posterity.
4. How to work intentionally for less time with high yields.
4. How to live a life that is a tribute to the Creator and in synchronicity with the universe.
5 Improvement of all relationships with all form for the best.