Location: Johannesburg
Performer Type: Speaker / Keynote
Sector Focus:Motivation / Team
Speaking Topics:Personal Motivation
Rates:R2 000 – R5 000
Available to travel: Yes


Wilmien is Passionate about finding your Purpose, unlocking your Potential with Passion and she likes to motivate people and inspire them to keep on growing in their journey towards a more fulfilling life. She has a Podcast that investigates that topic further. Wilmien comes from a 16 year corporate engineering career, which she left in pursuit of her passion to coach people. She is an executive coach helping leaders and their teams to transform and reaching goals that they never thought possible.

Find your Purpose, Unlock your Potential with Passion
Understand what is holding back your Potential and what is required to break free from what is keeping you back. What can you do today to gain more energy, to find what you can contribute uniquely to the world? How your brain works and what is in your control to maximize the potential of your brain.

Any executive or business owner responsible for a group of people will benefit from the Purpose, Potential, Passion talk.
Christian groups will benefit from Wilmien’s insights and motivation in growing their faith.