Red Jacket Speakers Bureau is an innovative speaker’s agency designed to promote new and future speakers into the South African market.

Many different companies, organisations and associations are looking for speakers of quality for events, but do not always have the budget for the top end professional speakers who master the stages of big corporates.

Red Jacket Speakers Bureau bridges the gap for the entry level speakers, who have a proven track record and have something to say, but have not yet reached, or do not want to be on the corporate stages.

Approved Speaker’s profiles are loaded to the online portal together with a list of speaking topics, keynotes and a short video. Speaker details are then available to any organisation or event planner searching for a quality speaker without having to break the conference budget.

Red Jacket Speakers Bureau do not get involved in any negotiation between speaker and organisation nor do they take any percentage of the speaking fee. What is agreed on, is what is paid.

Speakers pay a once off registration fee of R500 when submitting an online profile for approval. Approved profiles are loaded and made ready for searching. If for any reason a profile is not accepted a full refund is given.  Paid top-up options for home page exposure or top-of-list promotions are available on a monthly cycle for speakers wanting better exposure on the portal or linked social media platforms.

Various banner options are available on the portal for organisations, events or promotion advertising.

To qualify to be a speaker on Red Jacket Speakers Bureau you should be a regular paid speaker, trainer, facilitator or coach, aspiring to be in that position, or be an advanced Toastmaster. Red Jacket Speakers Bureau reserves the right to refuse any applicant based on the selection criteria.

To apply to be considered as a Red Jacket Speaker, please complete the application form.

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Red Jacket Speaker Bureau is owned by Voices Into Africa, an events company focussed on events for and by speakers on the African Continent.

All communication for Red Jacket will be done through Voices Into Africa and you can contact us at events [at] voicesintoafrica.com.

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