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Chris Voysey

Chris Voysey
Chris Voysey

An Eye on the Suburbs

Jack Spratt, who eats all the fat, discovers a life partner who eats all the lean (not to mention one other interesting habit). In a post-pandemic pool party, suburbanites recover from Covid in a way they weren’t expecting. And a neighbour with a drone fixation starts invading people’s privacy with alarming results. A handful of stories lift the hem on life behind the net curtains.

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Bruce Wade

Bruce Wade 1
The Architecture of a Great Story Bruce Wade

The Architecture of a Great Story

All good stories traditionally begin with the phrase “Once upon a time…” Using the phrase allow us to tell any sort of story in any sort of way and include any sort of animal, monster or magic and it all becomes believable because of the beginning. These magic words give the literacy licence to the world of imagination.

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Charlotte Kemp

Charlotte Kemp Futurist

How to be the Conscious Futurist the World Needs Now

We are all natural futurists, but we can become better futurists, more conscious futurists if we intentionally learn and develop new ways of thinking about what is to come.

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