Location: Cape Town
Performer Type: Speaker, MC, Facilitator
Languages: English
Sector Focus: Entrepreneurship, Business, Education
Speaking Topics: Business, Entrepreneurship, Story telling, personal motivation
Rates:Contact for details
Available to travel: Yes


Bruce is is a master story engineer. He has been instrumental in assisting in the growth of over 600 businesses, all through identifying and enabling their inner story to be written, told and understood.
Bruce Wade, often confused as a super hero is a husband, father of two, a Speaker, Author, Innovation Coach and Facilitator, Bruce is the creator of The Sphere of Mankind, the Business Narrative Strategy and author of Exploit Yourself.

The 7 Laws of Sustainable Innovation

Innovation has become a critical survival skill to leverage opportunity and avoid potential hazards. Sustainable innovation requires a deeper longer-term strategy. The 7 laws of sustainable innovation provide a framework and guidelines, that when followed aim the acceleration towards your desired outcomes.

Revamp Your Tribe

Developing your followers and customers into a tribe of raving fans provides both regular income and referrals. The Tribe Revamp Model directs actions and outcomes for developing a new tribe or working with existing groups creating a wide base of trust and loyalty, towering to longevity and sustainability of brand recognition and financial contribution.

The Power of the Second Question

Asking a question demands an answer, but too often we ask the wrong questions and never the second. This motivational and inspiring talk provides the tools and courage to dive deeper into relationships, situations, and strategies by understanding the power of asking the second question.

Audiences leave being inspired to make positive changes in their lives with real tools that can be applied immediately.