Bruce Wade 1

Location: South Africa
Performer Type: Speaker, MC, Facilitator
Languages: English
Sector Focus: Entrepreneurship, Business, Education
Speaking Topics: Business, Entrepreneurship, Story telling, personal motivation
Rates:Contact for details
Available to travel: Yes


Bruce Wade speaks and coaches on the Strategic Narrative Methodology based on the 7 Principles of Sustainable Innovation to engineer stories that develop sustainable and profitable relationships with all stakeholders.

He is an author of over 20 books, a Professional Speaker and the past Association President of the Professional Speaking Association of Southern Africa.

Bruce is a company founder and director at EM Solutions / Gallant Accounting / Voices into Africa and director at Sustainable African Strategies npc. Together they provide strategic consulting, mentoring and coaching as well as accompaniment and advisory to both business and non-profit sectors, with a specific focus on sustainability and funding diversification through innovative income generation.

The 7 Principles of Sustainable Innovation

Key principles that when understood and implemented into any team or business will ensure an innovative and sustainable environment.

The Formula of Persuasion

A simple, yet powerful formula to build into any speech, management style or Leadership strategy ensures that everyone gets to the desired destination.

Questionable Power

Why asking the right question will always give you the power. The power to make the right choices in strategy and leadership.

The Anatomy of a Great Story

Understand the principles of a story before crafting any marketing campaign to ensure maximum impact.

Audiences who listen to Bruce speak leave being inspired to make positive changes in their lives with real tools that can be applied immediately.