Location: Johannesburg
Performer Type: Speaker / Keynote
Languages: English
Sector Focus: Entrepreneurship / Business
Speaking Topics: Disabiity awareness, integration & inclusion
Rates: R7500 – 10 000
Available to travel: Yes


A teacher by profession and passion which has led me into public speaking and corporate training. I am part of the PSASA (Professional Speakers’ Association of South Africa) and run two companies – Straight A Tutors, assisting children in all grades and Smergos, a social movement that aims to build bridges between those with and those without disabilities as well as developing of affordable accessories for people with disabilities.

Challenging life experiences push you as a person; forcing you to either grow to meet the challenges or shy away into their shadow. My greatest strength, and what sets me apart from many others, is my physical disability as a result of a car accident when I was 6 months old. I am a very determined and positive person, perceiving the seemingly impossible as challenges to be overcome. Instead of my disability becoming a weakness it has become my empowering tool.

I have presented a variety of workshops and the like, to an array of audiences, including schools, universities and companies. Most relate to disability advocacy, awareness and inclusion; the power of the mind, Growth Mindset and overcoming challenges.

Imagine a work environment where everyone is empowered and given equal opportunity; support each other and are motivated by empathy.

I aim to shift mindsets and create a more empathetic, inclusive and accessible work environment for all.

I provide disability and awareness training, amongst other initiatives, in corporate environments that will break down barriers and build bridges. This results in better team dynamics, increased productivity and increased empowerment moving the whole team forward.

The full program that myself and my team offer addresses 8 of the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) as drawn up by the United Nations in 2015.