Location:Cape Town
Performer Type:Speaker / Keynote
Sector Focus:Motivation / Team
Speaking Topics:Education
Rates:R2000 – R5000
Available to travel: Yes


Dedicated to helping struggling communicators learn how to communicate to reach their goals strategically, Bee Baumann is an intercultural trainer and humorous motivational speaker. She has a BA, and she is CELTA, IBET, and certified as an intercultural moderator. She has worked with managers and staff from BASF, Abbot, Blanco, and SAP to name a few. She is a self-published author of the humorous self-help book, Gurrl, You ain’t Crazy and she has published over a dozen essays and literary articles.

“Why You Should be Anchoring Your Presentations with Humor” Make your presentation memorable.

“Talking the Talk- Communicating with Power” Use authentic speech which resonates from within.

“Humor” helps us to regain information. A statistic says we are processing over 11 mil pieces of information I give you proven humor methods. It’s not about writing a punchline.
Humorous motivational speech supports not taking life to seriously and living it with humor and dignity to become your best self.