Location: Pretoria
Performer Type:Facilitator
Sector Focus:Motivation/Team
Speaking Topics:Personal Motivation
Rates:R5000 – R7500
Available to travel: Yes


I am a woman who has a passion for helping improve people’s lives. I was an Educator for more than 25 years. I obtained the B.A and E.Ed. degrees at UNISA. I have an E.C.D registered business registered at CIPC and endorsed by SACE. I’ve been presenting valuable ECD practical workshops in Rural and Impoverished communities. I stopped because of the COVID 19 pandemic.

I am a Motivational speaker because I wish to be a shoulder to lean on for people who go life traumatic experiences. I personally experienced the cold, lonely, long journey when I went through 2 miscarriages, 2 divorces, my only child passing on, both parents and only sister passing on and growing old alone.

I’m aware that many people go through the above thus I wish to get an opportunity to help.

1. Aging gracefully: I would like to remove the Myths that people have about senior citizens.
2.Divorce: Share strategies for accepting the situation and move on with a better life.
3. Losing loved ones: Grieving is a very cold, lonely journey. I wish to share meaningful coping skills, find a center where people who lose children, spouses, parents can come to listen to me and other speakers, share my own pain. This is therapeutic and an emotional remedy.
4. Growing old alone: Elderly people are treated with disrespect, hurt, humiliated etc. I would like to remind them that they are very special, blessed with a rare gift, love themselves, etc.

My talks are meant for all adults. E.g. 18years-100years old.