Performer Type:Facilitator
Sector Focus:Entrepreneurship / Business
Speaking Topics:Selling , Marketing
Rates:Contact for details
Available to travel: Yes


Too many SMEs fail. Too many organisations are stagnant because of dated practices. and too many salespeople use old tactics and never reach their potential. Ed uses Einstein’s “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” to become a catalyst for change.
Ed has mentored hundreds of businesspeople. He has trained, motivated, and mentored thousands of salespeople. He wrote the My Mentor column for Entrepreneur and has a program on Platinum Gold internet radio. He:
• Mentor Executives, entrepreneurs and corporate entrepreneurs to grow and see new ways to develop
• Present engaging speeches to executives, sales, and marketing teams and NGOs using wonderful storytelling to show how to address new problems with new thinking.
• Facilitate strategic planning sessions to develop inclusive solutions.
• Train and mentor salespeople to interact with the modern educated buyer.

Blindingly obvious. How I lost sight and gained vision
A powerful story of my sudden loss of sight, and journey to adapt and be productive. Along the way, I learned surprising new lessons that uncovered new opportunities. Some lessons are particularly applicable to sales teams limited by the lockdown. I share insights to enable others to soar.

Putting the byte back into your marketing. Marketing will never be the same again
Marketers grapple with rapidly changing tech, continual new trends, and clutter. They would like to have meaningful conversations with customers but customers are too busy. It is time to rethink marketing strategy, to get off the treadmill and build new solutions. Ed shows four concepts to achieve this goal

Grow or fail – the choice is yours. Strategies for sales teams
With many companies trying to recover or survive it sounds silly to think of growing sales. But is it? With a shrinking economy and the likelihood of some customers in financial difficulties, just standing still means shrinking sales. So how do you grow?. Ed shares tips on where to start, how to persevere when things go wrong, and where to focus.
The future is not where you think it will be. Operating in a changing world full of surprises
We may have some indicators of what the future holds, but as the recent Coronavirus pandemic has shown so starkly the unexpected happens. Ed shows by example strategies and structures to avoid panic in chaos, to see the opportunities presented by change and mitigate risk. This speech was presented to a recent World Marketing Congress.

Audiences are inspired and empowered to address problems on new and creative ways and to use the concepts and tips presented to see and seize opportunities. They should have a high sense of urgency and be motivated to implement new ideas immediately