Jason Sandler

Location: Cape Town
Performer Type: Speaker / Keynote, Master of Ceremonies, Facilitator, Entertainer, Facilitator
Languages: English
Sector Focus: Motivation; Education; Wellness;
Speaking Topics: Business; Education; Entrepreneurship; Personal Motivation; Confidence
Rates: R5000 to R7500
Available to travel: Yes

At school his nickname was foghorn; he made sure he always got his message across!
Jason is an award-winning speaker who brings his diverse background into every presentation he does.
He has a natural ability to bring humour into his presentations. While at the same time embracing his expertise in both the hospitality industry and on the other end of the huge chasm, as a Certified Therapist.
Jason’s key focus is being results driven.
.Never Go Swimming With Cement Shoes On is all about Stress Management, Jason will have you laughing and getting easily implementable tools to learn to understand and manage stress both in your work and home environment.
From OOH to AAH is exactly what you will be saying as you listen to Jason unpack in an entertaining and intellectually stimulating manner how to get your “SELFS” to be more positive by blasting the ELFS out of your life.
Becoming the Giraffe deals with all aspects of the hospitality industry. Jason has spent far too many years in that industry to not know he’s an industry expert on helping you and your staff to rise head and shoulders above the rest.

When you attend any talk that Jason is presenting you will be taken on a journey sprinkled with many laughs and entertained while at the same time realizing you have tons of invaluable take-home-value that’s easily implementable..