Performer Type:Speaker / Keynote
Sector Focus:Motivation / Team
Speaking Topics:Psychology, mental health, confidence
Rates:R2000 – R5000
Available to travel: Yes


The Africa Honey Badger is a fearless, thick-skinned, resourceful, animal, known to punch well above its own weight in the wild.
It can take a bite from a Cobra, get knocked out for a few minutes and then get up to kill and eat the snake. Seen to take on Lions and other big predators, the Honey Badger is also immune to Bee stings and will not hesitate to raid a beehive to get the reward of rich African honey.

Juan Swart is the Badger Guy, a Teacher by trade with 25 years of experience, a certified Life Coach and an Internationally qualified Sports Coach. Juan has developed the Badger methodologies that have inspired, motivated and empowered people from all different socio-economic backgrounds.

Juan offers his Golden Badger program that teaches the Badger mindset to cope with the storms and challenges of life, stress, anxiety, fear and depression. Badgers are winners, they never quit in a fight, even when knocked down, they are unwavering, ferocious, relentless and tenacious.

These are the characteristics of the Golden Badger

Motto: “There is no limit to your greatness”

I use the “Badger- mindset” in all situations that people can find themselves in and catapult my audience or client to their optimum levels.

People will be motivated and be equipped with strategies and methods to tackle all threats that life might pose.