Performer Type:Speaker / Keynote
Sector Focus:Leadership
Speaking Topics:Entrepreneurship
Rates:Contact for details
Available to travel: Yes


Leigh Joy is a leadership coach and professional speaker specialising in self-care and resilience. She is an expert on self-care as she has been involved with the healing of addicts over the last 12 years. We felt this topic would be good for you because self-care is the root of all health (spiritual, physical, and mental) which raises our productivity in the workplace and at home.
Leigh is the high-profile Keynote Speaker, Coach, and consultant who dares to speak up and speak out on topics that touch all of our lives and yet, are often still relegated to the darkest corners of societal and personal shame.
Leigh’s infectious energy and deep commitment to the upliftment of each and every one of us ensures a highly engaged and a transformed audience ready to step up and step into their own personal power.
Leigh studied at SACAP and UNISA in which she received Diplomas in counseling, coaching, and facilitation. Leigh Joy is currently furthering her studies and love for learning through a master coaching qualification through Inner Life Skills.
She has aired on CCFM, ChaiFM, Cape Talk, Smile FM, Eldos Radio, Radio Today, and Retro radio. She has featured twice on SABC on hectic 99 for segments on dealing with bullying and phobias.
A few events she has spoken at are the Gnostic Fair in Cape Town, to Imago therapists in Johannesburg. At The SACAP Festival of Learning in 2017 and 2019. I recently spoke at the Coschem convention at Avianto.
She was invited to speak at both the 2018 Addictions convention in France and the 2019 Addictions convention in Spain.

Self-Care is King!
Vital Self-Care to navigate and thrive in today’s disruptive world.

Discover your powerful passionate purpose!
Each of us has a unique purpose on this earth. There is no one like us! Discover your purpose and marry it with the organisation’s mission and you will love your work life too.

Don’t Overstep My Boundaries! NO! Is a full sentence.
Vital lessons in learning to create firm boundaries and teaching others how to treat us.

Staying the course. Goal setting and goal adherence.
Creative and exciting strategies to discover your passionate purpose so as to set worthy goals and staying on track.

Can you hear me? Communicating to connect.
Telephone techniques, tips, and tools to develop long-lasting business relationships that serve and satisfy your customers’ needs and values.

Balancing the scales of your priorities.
Creating a holistic, authentic, and integrated life that you can be proud of and feel like your priorities are in balance.

Audiences will gain a deeper perspective on their painful past and how that has created their current passionate purpose. They will learn how to take responsibility for their lives and start living the fulfilled heartfelt lives they always dreamt of. They will be inspired, empowered, and transformed to reach out and touch another’s life with their story of courage and vulnerability.