Rose Pillay

Location: Johannesburg
Performer Type: Speaker / Keynote
Languages: English
Sector Focus: Leadership
Speaking Topics: Psychology, Mental Health, Confidence
Rates: R2,000 – R5,000
Available to travel: Yes


Dr Rose Pillay is an internationally accredited coach, author, impactful facilitator, innovative thought leader and a dynamic professional speaker. Her work in the field of finance and exposure to the corporate world have given her a deep understanding of business practices.

In addition, her PhD study of Leadership Development and contribution to the global leadership landscape has broadened her perspective on transformative strategies to ignite performance. Her life’s work is to help people to connect with their purpose and passions in order to confront, and ultimately dissolve, their internal dissonance, so that harmony can manifest both within the self and in relation to others. This is the fundamental premise for living with humility: to allow the world to experience your innate talents, gifts, potential and resources by ‘showing up’ as your most noble Self.

1. The Self inflicted Void

Have you ever asked yourself the question, is this all there is to life? This topic is aimed at those who are feeling unfilled in their careers to make purposeful shifts.

2. If only we knew what we know

The different centers of intelligence hold wisdom that has not yet been unearthed. Start to notice what you’ve always known and find some deeper truths beneath the surface.

3. Growing through reflection

Tapping into the neuroscience of reflective practices and its potential to unleash a new order in our lives…with small atomic habits.

4. The leadership theatre: are you playing the fool?

A chance to take a more humorous view of leaders and the personas we adopt to survive. But what if we could thrive?

All of Rose’s talks are rich in theory but presented in a very pragmatic way so that it is palatable to multiple audiences and in various contexts. There is a combination of content, questions, tools, reflection and an immediate action.