Performer Type:Speaker / Keynote, Facilitator
Sector Focus:Education, Leadership, Motivation / Team, Wellness / Health
Speaking Topics: Education, Personal Motivation, Relationships, Teenagers, Youth, Children
Rates:R5000 – R7500
Available to travel: Yes


Tim Anton Okhai holds a master’s degree in Clinical Engineering and is a double Ph.D. candidate at UNISA and University of Paris-Est, France.
Tim is a motivational speaker, author, and trainer with a global footprint. He has traveled and spoken in 45 countries around the world and is a serial trainer for organizations like IHS Global, NCFI, ICMDA, HCFI, and Woman Alive Soul Healing International.
He is the founder and global ambassador of Passport to Greatness (PTY) Ltd, an organization whose mission is to inspire youths in third world countries to position themselves strategically for global impact by maximizing and upscaling their potential for greatness in every sphere of life.
Tim believes that, in your pursuit of greatness, in your quest to be the best at what you do, and in your battle to overcome your limitations and make your dreams come true, “There is always a way – find it!”

1. Understanding and Activating Your Genetic Code for Greatness
In this talk aimed at universities, colleges, and youth organizations, Tim shows how to upscale your success potential by discovering, developing, and using your unique sets of gifts and talents to become the best at what you do.

2. Leadership and Integrity
One of the greatest challenges in leadership today is lack of integrity. In this talk, Tim confronts the dearth of integrity in the workplace and challenges both the leadership and the led to value integrity and put a good name above selfish and personal gains.

3. The Art and Science of Total Patient Care
In this topic, Tim provides a healthy dose of motivation and encouragement to overworked and overstressed healthcare workers, and shows how through compassion and the core principles of permission, sensitivity and respect, they can deliver total care to the whole person, spirit, soul and body.

Tim’s audience always walk away energized and inspired with the knowledge, tools, and motivation to take immediate action to transform their lives and situation for the best.