Performer Type:Speaker / Keynote, Master of Ceremonies, Facilitator
Sector Focus:Education, Entrepreneurship / Business, Finance / Economy, Leadership, Motivation / Team
Speaking Topics:Business, Education, Entrepreneurship, Finance, money, investment, insurance, Personal Motivation, Selling , Marketing
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With 17 years of empowering leaders and entrepreneurs, Wilbert is a Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Author, Researcher, NLP Master Practioner, and Consultant.
Wilbert loves empowering leaders, entrepreneurs, and teams with personal development, personal financial wellness, strategy and leadership (culture and strategy) knowledge and skills.
He has spoken and/or consulted in Dubai, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana, for organizations such as Lucara Botswana, The British Council, ABSA, Government departments, Parastatals, The Botswana Stock Exchange, UNISA, University of Botswana, Strathmore University, Botswana Accountancy College, The Mapleton Group, Forward in Faith Ministries International Church, Winners Chapel International Church, Celebration Church, United Methodist Church, Assemblies of God Church, and other organizations.
Wilbert holds a PhD in Business Management from North-West University, SA.
He is in the PSASA Virtual Chapter Leadership Team, and he is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK). Furthermore, he is a member of Southern African Institute of Management Scientists, Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants, and Association of Botswana Financial Advisors.
Over the years, Wilbert has spoken about financial wellness and leadership on various TVs and radio stations, reaching thousands of people. He is also a YouTuber and a Blogger.
Wilbert has four self-help books (three on personal finance, and one on relationships). He is also a Gospel songwriter and singer, leading a family band that produced an 8-track album in September 2019. He is a happy husband of one wife and a father of three.

1. How to maximize your potential to win in life – the art of personal development
In this topic, Wilbert teaches how one can tap into inner potentials, develop the capabilities and win in life and career. Wilbert says, ‘I help you to fall in love with self, explore inner abilities, strategize, and transform your world’.

2. 8 Keys to lead change effectively through tough times
Wilbert takes you through 8 tactics that you can use as a leader to keep your firm afloat and growing during a crisis. This topic is very relevant especially in the advent of the Covid19.

3. 7 ways to network and increase your chances of maximum profits
Wilbert uses story-telling to inspire you to come out of your comfort zone and increase your network. He speaks on the mantra ‘Your network determines your net worth’. He further goes to give you steps that will enable you to follow-up on your contacts to ensure fruitful networks. Anyone who listens to this topic, whether an entrepreneur, employee, leader or student will never remain the same. You may not have financial capital but build social capital.

4. What you have is enough – how to start and grow a business with little or no money
This topic stems from Wilbert’s book titled: ‘What you have is enough’ .
He teaches that you should not wait until you have huge sums of capital to start a business. Wilbert gives his own story of how he started two businesses from almost nothing and built businesses that ended up buying vehicles and properties.

5. How to make money through effective marketing
Wilbert starts of by explaining the definition of marketing. He touches on the 4 Ps of Marketing, then he goes on to explain how a business can compete effectively and grow by effective marketing (including Digital marketing). After hearing this topic, your business will never be the same again.

6. 15 Secrets for Personal Financial Success
This stems from Wilbert’s book entitled: ’15 Secrets for Personal Financial Success’ .
Wilbert teaches how you can become financially free with simple concepts such as having a dream, savings, budgeting, financial planning, and he discusses the six investment classes. This is one of the best topics for anyone who wants to become financially free.

7. How to successfully market your speaking business
Wilbert helps speakers with practical ways to market their businesses and get maximum profits. You can be the best speaker in the world, but if you do not market your business, you will be broke. If you are a speaker, this is your most important topic.

8. How organizational culture will eat strategy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Wilbert discusses the futile efforts of many leaders to implement strategy without first addressing cultural issues. He gives practical tips for business leaders to cultivate healthy cultures that embrace diversity and other key elements. Every leader should hear this topic.

9. Boosting employee experience to maximize productivity and profitability
Wilbert argues that while many leaders consider the most important stakeholder to be the customer if employees are not satisfied, they will not satisfy customers. Thus, Human Capital is a hot topic today. Without quality and satisfied human capital, the leader has nothing.

10. How emotional intelligence makes leaders more impactful
Speaking ability and mental intelligence are good for leaders. But without emotional intelligence, the leader will either breakdown or cause others to breakdown or cause the organization to breakdown. Every leader needs to hear this. Wilbert being an NLP Master Practioner, will blow your mind and help you to become emotionally intelligent.

11. The key to leadership is Personal Leadership.
We can not lead effectively without first leading ourselves. Every leader should start with personal mastery before trying to master others.

Power-packed, humorous, insightful, entertaining, informative, interesting, emotionally charged, extraordinary, and unforgettable experience.
Wilbert will cause you to Zoom into a colorful and hopeful world through his amazing story telling ability and passion.