Location: Cape Town
Performer Type: Speaker / Keynote
Languages: English
Sector Focus: Wellness / Health
Speaking Topics: Psychology, mental health, confidence
Rates: Contact for details
Available to travel: Yes


Dr. Will Bolus is a passionate Brain Health Educator. He inspires his audiences to think differently about why the health of the brain is so important, then educates his audiences about what we need to do to have a healthy brain and then empowers them on how to do it. He does this as the health of the brain is paramount in obtaining not only clarity, confidence and creativity in the workplace but also in achieving happiness, harmony and health in our own lives.

He draws on over 25 years of clinical practice as a chiropractor, with training in neuroscience and functional medicine, and combines this with real life lessons learnt on the slopes of some of the highest mountains in the world and on the roads completing endurance events to take complex physiological, psychological and physical concepts and make them easy to understand in layman’s terms using a conversational manner.

He is a the creator and facilitator of a brain optimization program called Mind the Gaps, an 8 module program that helps participants optimize the health of their brains. He is a father, husband and active outdoors man.

1. Unleashing Brain Power for You and Your People – how to achieve greater clarity, act with more confidence and feel supremely confident in all that you do.
2. Brain Health 101 – 8 ways to protect and maximize your brain health.
3. Move Better to Perform Better – a talk highlighting the importance of movement on brain function and performance.
4. Lessons from The Mountain – The Summit isn’t the Pinnacle. The importance of resetting goals.

He will bring to the audience a new thinking and understanding as to the importance of the brain in everything we do. They will leave inspired and educated but also empowered with tools on how to look after their brains better so that each person can have more clarity, feel more confident, act with confidence, be happier, more harmonious in all the decisions they make and as a result be more healthy.